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STORMTREAT's unique, multi-stage, stormwater bioretention treatment system, effectivley reduces the broadest range of runoff pollutants to meet emerging Total Maximum Daily Loads (TMDLs) including bacteria, heavy metals, nutrients, petroleum hydrocarbons, and suspended solids.

Complies with
Water Quality Standards

The STORMTREAT SYSTEM meets EPA's recommended 80% removal rate for Total Suspended Solids (TSS), and can be configured to meet more stringent state standards (such as TMDLs) in critical water resource areas.

Space Saving

The STORMTREAT SYSTEM significantly reduces the need for unsightly and land-intensive detention facilities. It captures and treats the first half inch of all of the smaller (routine) storms and treats the first flush of the large (less common) storms. Therefore, flood control can be accomplished by using landscape buffers and/or smaller detention facilities.

Cost Effective

By providing highly efficient treatment of the first flush, the STORMTREAT SYSTEM compares favorably with other stormwater BMPs on a "cost per-acre treated" basis.

Low Maintenance

Maintenance is simplified by standardized procedures and is limited to: a) Annual inspections (and replacement of grit filter bag); b) Sediment pumping once every three to five years using standard septic system pumper.

Maintenance contracts are available.

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