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Maintenance of StormTreat Systems is absolutely vital to ensure that the system functions to its highest potential and continues to provide quality treatment throughout the lifespan of the system. At STS we are adamant about ensuring that our systems receive proper maintenance by offering maintenance contracts with every installation and/or providing assistance locating reliable local companies or stewards to assure quality maintenance is completed on time.

Maintenance visits should include the following steps:

1. Check the discharge flow rate and adjust using the outlet control valve. The system is commonly designed to discharge at a rate of 2-gallons per minute per tank, although site specific flow rate should be confirmed. The discharge rate can be found by directly measuring a timed-discharge volume if the outlet is accessible, or through falling-level measurements inside the sediment chamber. The total capacity of a tank is 1390 gallons and the height of the tank is 4 feet, therefore a 2-gallon per minute discharge rate can be observed as the water level in the tank falling at a rate of 4.15 inches per hour.
2. Measure sediment depth inside the sediment chambers and schedule a pump-out before depth reaches 5 inches (more regular pump outs will result in longer life of the bioretention area gravel filter). A future pump-out date can be estimated by projecting based upon sediment accumulation rates since the last measurement or since original installation. On average, StormTreat Systems need to have sediment removed once every three years. This can be done using a vacuum pump truck.
3. Observe wetland plant conditions and height during growing season. Wetland plants may need to be supplemented during the first three growing seasons depending upon local site conditions. Established plants should be trimmed back in order to maintain access to tank lids, debris and weeds should be cleaned from wetland gravel surface.
4. Systems that have not been regularly maintained should be thoroughly assessed for proper function and may require exchange of wetland gravel filter media as fines and collected pollutants can inhibit flow and cause clogging and system failure. Gravel can be removed using a vacuum pump truck and replacement of gravel should follow specifications and instructions listed on the installation document provided. If wetland plants are in good health they can be carefully removed before pumping out gravel and reinstalled.

Download a PDF of these Maintenance Instructions here.


Please contact us with any operation

and maintenance related questions.

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