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Maintenance of StormTreat Systems is absolutely vital to ensure that the system functions to its highest potential and continues to provide quality treatment throughout the lifespan of the system. At STS we are adamant about ensuring that our systems receive proper maintenance by offering free maintenance inspections for the first year with every installation and providing assistance locating reliable local companies to assure quality maintenance is completed on time.

Maintenance visits should include the following steps:

1. Check the flow rate and adjust using the outlet control valve.
- StormTreat Systems are generally set at 2-gallons per minute per tank.
- Contact project engineer or STS representative to confirm design flow rate.
- Measure flow rate at discharge location using a timed-volume measurement (graduated bucket & stopwatch).

2. Measure sediment depth inside the STS sediment chambers.
- Schedule a pump-out before sediment depth reaches 5-inches.
- A sediment pumping schedule can be estimated by projecting based upon sediment accumulation rates since the last measurement or since original installation.
- Sediment pumping is generally necessary about every 2-3 years.
- Pumping is generally carried out using a vacuum truck.
3. Observe plant conditions during growing season.
- Plants may require manual watering during the first growing season to aid root-zone establishment (weather dependent).
- During the plant establishment period the system's flow rate may be set lower to increase the frequency of root-zone wetting.
- Established plants should be trimmed back in order to maintain access to tank lids.
- Debris and weeds should be removed from wetland stone surface.

4. The bio-filter stone media may need to be replaced after a period of approximately 15-years. At this point a state of phosphorus saturation may occur, resulting in a decrease in the system's ability to adsorb phosphorus. Performance monitoring should be performed to document this condition.

Note: High-performance removal of other targeted pollutants is likely to continue for an undefined time period beyond 15-years with original stone media and plants.

Download a PDF of Maintenance Procedures here.

Please contact us with any operation
and maintenance related questions.

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